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We have the talent for your project. They will be meeting with potential Co-Production, Finance and Distribution partners on the following key projects: 1. Fifty Year Death Watch 2. Philip Mazzei: Pioneer of the New World 3. A Study in Red. Robert also joined Colombia Investing as a principal and managing partner to manage financial transactions in Colombia including: media, real estate and hospitality investments. ThunderBall is honored to have Robert join our team as Chairman of our Finance Advisory Board and with his expertise we will excel our business plans to a new level of operation on a global basis.

My guardian angel and gift from God, as you held my hand daily those last several years and we prayed together, sometimes with Andy, as we watched TV Mass and twice daily prayers in our home — you in your hospital bed in the living room, me on a chair right next to you is a memory I cherish forever and miss so much. Each precious day God gives us, another page is turned. Every chapter full of memories, times of joy and tears with triumphs and defeats I endure daily in my work, life…through every passing year.

With gentle words of wisdom, sometimes tough love, you led me on the right path and ways of righteousness and were there to catch me if ever I fell or did stray. Angels come in many forms; for me it was YOU, my beautiful mother and my Father who truly lived for me, you and our family each day. Every day I turn the page of loss that is so deep I can hardly explain, but lives so strong in my heart and will ever remain with everything you taught me as I continue on my journey to one day join you, Daddy, God and all the saints who now surround you both for all eternity.

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Thank you, God, for giving me the most priceless of all treasures of taking care of my beautiful Mother those last seven years of her life, which gave me life, provides me the daily strength in joy, pain and sorrow as I keep alive her memory here forever, Lord. Even at my age, I pray that I can someday be everything she and my Father hoped I would and know each day my beautiful Mother and Father are asking you in Heaven to help me as they are smiling down knowing they did a great joy instilling the traits they taught me, which are truly the foundation in my life.

Another chapter has begun, full of grace and glory. It was the many gifts of love and friendship that helped me through those last several years and that faithful day; as they still do today: 1. But, his beautiful Wife, Georgia, the Maid of Honor at our wedding, whom Thania and I love dearly is in our hearts forever.

His love, friendship, prayers along with Valerie were and are so deeply a part of my life and healing to which I am eternally grateful. However, Heaven is promised to all of us and I know that my beautiful Mother, Father, family and friends are now with God overseeing, guiding and protecting us. His industry relationships with key executives, expertise in numerous and various key areas of the Television industry will be a valuable contribution to the continued expansion of ThunderBall for our development, production and distribution of projects, domestically and internationally" William Bill Graff is a Broadcast and Cable Programming executive based in South Florida.

ThunderBall Writer, Brian L.

Whoops Apocalypse! - Charlie's Diary

A superbly crafted mystery springs to life from the pages of this latest episode of the series, with twists, turns, and surprises around every corner. It seems that each book in the series outdoes the ones before, as Ross and his team of detectives develop and grow with every chapter. Andy Ross and his team have an international investigation on their hands.

As the late night train from Manchester to Liverpool approaches the outskirts of the city, it hits the body of a man as it passes under a bridge. After the police look into the case, they learn that the man was a well-known American movie director - of the adult variety. As Andy Ross and his team investigate the death, they find out that the man's list of enemies is almost as long as the railway line from Manchester to Liverpool. Is his murder personal or professional? With two disgruntled ex-wives - both with a motive for murder - thrown into the mix, Ross and his team attempt to solve the mystery of the Last Train to Lime Street.

ThunderBall is proud to support the GoFundMe. Thank you for spreading the word and showing your support, which can be found at: gofundme. This impressive fifth novel takes a darker turn as the past seems to encroach on the present when a series of killings in , known as The Lighthouse Murders, is being recreated in Can it be possible that the original killer is back, reprising his original murders, does he have an apprentice, or is it a copycat killer?

The clock is ticking! As excited as ThunderBall is about all the works of Brian L. Porter and this particular series, this is probably the very best in the series so far. Brian L. Porter ramps up the tension as time runs out and the final day dawns with the killer still on the loose. Like almost every area of NYC, crime families the Mob controlled all the gambling, which included policy slips the numbers racket , horse betting there was no OTB , sports betting, loan sharking etc.

They controlled the price of all fish by placing a tax on all products leaving the market. Then, there was the parking protection racket; another big source of their income for the Mob. He made Pete quit working at the market and got him a job at a local pastry shop. Pete had the ability to connect with everyone, which led to Pete being offered a high-profile job.

The Romance of American Identity Politics

However, Pete had to decline since his Dad insisted Pete to take the civil service tests. Pete then turned 21 and was promoted to Police Officer in accordance with the Trainee program. Who could he go to and not be in the middle of something bigger than himself or be put on the spot as a snitch?

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So, he catalogued the notes in his official memo book. Pete was promoted and assigned to the East Village division on the lower east side of Manhattan. It was home to the biggest drug supermarket in NYC. It did not take long before some of his old acquaintances from the Narcotics Division crossed his path.

Included in the drugs that went mysteriously missing, were lbs. The clever theft was not discovered for some time because no one suspected that the drugs were missing since it was replaced with worthless powder. This is Peter J. He is one of nine children born to Hilton and Clothilda Jacobs. Larry, as his family and friends call him, attended public schools in New York City, so he has first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a student in a big-city high school like the one pictured on "Welcome Back, Kotter.

First, he was a delivery boy, then a florist, then a messenger boy, and then a stock boy in a department store.

Where to find Pathforgers Publishing online

His first "real important job," as he puts it, was as a freelance artist and package designer. This introduction to the world of the arts made up for all of the menial jobs he had performed while waiting to find himself. While working as an artist, Larry became interested in acting and began studying at Al Fann's Theatrical School and then with the Negro Emsemble Company.

These are two all-black acting companies which produce experimental plays in New York City. They also train promising young black actors in the performing arts. He was given parts in the movies Claudine and Cooley High. Cooley High was Larry's big breakthrough in show business. He also had two important roles in major made-for-television features, "The Sojourner" and the tremendously popular Roots. Besides acting, Larry also sings, plays the piano and writes music. Today is a day of reflection to honor my beautiful Mother, who passed away at 92 years old in , would have been So your prayers for her are greatly appreciated.

ThunderBall releases new Pulp Chicken Trailer :. DragonMan: The 13th Sign Novel hits best-seller list first day of sale:. ThunderBall is pleased to announce that Author-Writer, Ted Lazaris in the continuing saga of DragonMan best-selling novels, the first day of sales, DragonMan: The 13th Sign lands on the best-seller list. This is a day of reflection, prayer and deep sorrow although it took place 2 years ago, I live it each day.

Please pray for my Mother today and also in honor of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida for the souls of those lost along with the families suffering through this horrible event. Under the terms of the agreement, ThunderBall Films, S. Palma Pictures is a media production group based in Spain.

Over the past years we have regularly been involved with shooting film and television projects for our international client base. Russell is one of Canada's busiest actors and stunt performers in series and features, playing in such films as a Forensics Expert in The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington, or the popular Murdoch Mysteries, he is currently in the Mini-Series, Rising Suns. Hummingbird - playing Mai Ping 2.

Escape from Paradise - playing May Chu. And, coincidentally, July 23rd is my Wife, Thania's birthday. Despite the 7 years of caring alone for my beautiful Mother, 6. Words could never say all that I want, and the only thing I can say is simple thoughts in a poem to convey this tragic anniversary day of remembrance, one we will heal at the special mass tonight we will attend, given for my Mother here in the Dominican Republic. My Dear Beautiful Mother, I feel your warmth around me and presence so near, Although I have your pictures all around on my desktop, phone, office, wallet, I still close my eyes to visualize your face when you were here, I endure the great times we spent together, especially the past 7 when we became very close and all that you taught me in life I was able to apply in order to fight for your life, So, they are locked inside my heart and at times shared with my Wife, For as long as I have these memories, we will never be apart, Even though we cannot speak anymore my voice is always there, Because every night before I sleep I beg your forgiveness in any of my failures to you that last week and fateful night before I found you; yet ALWAYS have you in my daily and nightly prayers.

For those who know me or knew my beautiful Mother, I ask your prayers for her on this anniversary. Sasha is an incredibly emotional and at times heart-rending tale that relates the author's life and times with this most amazingly resilient and brave little dog who shares his days and is his constant companion whilst Brian writes his various works.

Table of contents

A book for dog lovers everywhere with over worldwide 5 star reviews so far, Sasha is a bestseller in the UK, Australia, Canada and France. Within 12 hours of appearing on pre-order in the UK, Sheba had become an instant bestseller, with pre-orders pouring into the Amazon site. An incredible achievement which clearly illustrates the quality of Brian L. Sheba tells the story of another of Brian's rescue dogs, Sasha's best friend.

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Sheba was used and abused as a bait dog by fighters until being thrown on a rubbish tip and left to die. Rescued and then adopted by the author, Sheba has since spent ten happy years as a member of the Porter family, and now lives the happiest of lives. Sheba: From Hell to Happiness is a powerful and at times harrowing account of one dog's survival and redemption.

From living skeleton to her return to health and a place in a loving family, with many trials and tribulations along the way, this is a book anyone who cares about animals, and dogs in particular should read. Tissues optional, but highly recommended. Partner in Personal Equity Institute, a company specializing in the utilization of Whole Life Insurance for Wealth Building and Protection Provides motivational and entertainment speeches for companies, groups non-profit and for-profit , and charities.

All five received Division I basketball scholarships.