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Where will the new capital be?
  1. We change laws. We change lives.
  2. Congress, it is A-Changin
  3. What I learned from my year on Capitol Hill: Creating change through health care policy

CIT continues offering the 3-year associate in applied science degree program. Elbert S. The degree is a four-year, quarter-credit-hour program. The first class of four students graduates from this program. The college becomes a candidate for accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

We change laws. We change lives.

Blanche, PhD steps up as acting president for a short duration. In that same year, Edward L. The National Science Foundation awards the first in a series of grants for the purchase of instructional scientific equipment. With the induction of our fifth president, Brig. Harold R. The U. New degrees are introduced: AA and BS degrees in computer engineering technology and telecommunications engineering technology. The cooperative education program begins and the federal grants are renewed.

Congress, it is A-Changin

A minor in computer-aided design is introduced and the cooperative education program expands. The college receives donations of state-of-the-art equipment and significant funds to help with construction costs. Other elements of the plan include developing new curricula in electrical engineering and management of telecommunications systems and technical communications; creating student housing on campus; and changing the academic calendar from a quarter system to a semester system.

A master's degree in information and telecommunications systems management is added to the graduate school. Puente Library opens its doors. This state-of-the-art facility houses the William G. McGowan Center for Innovative Teaching. Capitol College offers its first courses over the Internet.

The college launches a campaign to raise funds for the William G. BS and MS degrees in computer science are introduced for the fall semester.

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The BS in astronautical engineering degree is introduced in the spring; the BS in network security begins in the fall. Capitol becomes an academic partner with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, one of only eight partners at this time. William Troxler retires in June after serving 27 years as president. Michael T.

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Wood is named the seventh president of the college. Once the funds are raised, hedges, flowering annuals and ornamental shrubbery will be planted. For more information contact campaign organizer Susan Larson Rodenburg at. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. Finally, school tour season is in full swing. Hundreds of fourth graders are touring the Capitol in this last month of school.

Visitors are welcome to join the students on the public tours. Please call the tour office at to check on the schedule. School groups are generally scheduled earlier in the day; it may be possible to find an afternoon time when a more adult oriented tour will be offered. Weekend tours are recommended for those wishing to avoid the students. You should follow us on Twitter! Like so many other elements of the new nation, even the most basic features of the capital city were unsettled.

President Washington first took office in New York City , but, when reelected in , the capital had already moved to Philadelphia where it would remain for a decade. Fittingly, Jefferson was the first president to be inaugurated in the new and lasting capital of Washington, D. The site of the new capital was the product of political compromise. As part of the struggle over Hamilton's financial policy, Congress supported the Bank of the United States which would be headquartered in Philadelphia.

In exchange the special District of Columbia , to be under Congressional control, would be built on the Potomac River. The compromise represented a symbolic politics of the very highest order. While Hamilton's policies encouraged the consolidation of economic power in the hands of bankers, financiers, and merchants who predominated in the urban northeast, the political capital was to be in a more southerly and agricultural region apart from those economic elites.

Once the site for the new capital was selected in , President Washington retained Pierre Charles L'Enfant , a French engineer and former officer in the Continental Army, to design and lay out the new capital city. His grand plan gave pride of place to the capitol building which would stand on a hill overlooking the flatlands around the Potomac.

What I learned from my year on Capitol Hill: Creating change through health care policy

A long open mall connected the legislative building to the river and was to be bordered by varied stately buildings. Radiating out from the capital were a number of broad avenues one of which would connect with the president's house. Much of L'Enfant's grand vision was ignored during the nineteenth century, but starting in the plan was vigorously reborn. Today, Washington, D. It gloriously honors the nation's commitment to democracy and political life in impressive government buildings. The capital also maintains the nation's historical memory in monuments along the mall that commemorate key events and people.

Finally, the city also announces the nation's commitment to knowledge and human achievement in the spectacular Smithsonian museums.

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At the same time the capital also symbolizes less celebrated aspects of modern America. Washington, D. The gulf separating American success and failure is on display nowhere more sharply. Today's Washington, D. Then just beginning to emerge from a swampy location along the Potomac, the city claimed only 5, inhabitants, many of them temporary residents to serve the incoming politicians. The Senate building had been completed, but the building for the House of Representatives was still incomplete as was the president's house.

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Jefferson took office while living in a boardinghouse! The limited physical stature of the capital city matched the modest scope of the federal government in the early republic which only included officials. In fact, with the exception of the postal service, the national government provided almost no services that reached ordinary people in their everyday lives. For most people in the early republic the most meaningful political decisions were made at the state and local level.

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