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ISBN 13: 9780747219927

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Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. A more mundane example in the web-novel Domina : The fey who are just crazy women who think they're Celtic fairies kidnap people, and subject them to Bio-Augmentation so horrible it destroys their memories. Those few who escape are returned to as close to human normal as possible and become the changelings, a culture of hackers fighting the fey.

While Faeries don't actually kidnap human children in the Artemis Fowl books, this trope is referenced in the painting The Faerie Thief , which Artemis steals from a bank vault during The Opal Deception. It depicts an elf trying to snatch a baby from its cradle. In Katherine Kerr's Deverry series, the Guardians pretty much the Fair Folk, except there's already another species who are elves are eventually reincarnated as human children.

From the description of their behavior, this is an explanation for autism. The plot of Linda Haldeman's The Lastborn of Elvinwood largely revolves around the whys and hows of making such an exchange to save The Fair Folk from extinction.

Changeling: An Immortal Tale

Her son later returns. The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue is all about this trope — from the viewpoints of the changeling as well as of the stolen child. And there's a kicker; it's an apparently endless cycle, each stolen child eventually becoming a changeling in turn, having to steal and replace someone else's child in order to return to the normal world: sort of an "Our Changelings Are Different" take on the concept.

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Played with in Foxglove Summer , in which two missing girls are found wandering in the forest, and one of them turns out to be a duplicate after they've been taken back to their families. The twist is that the replacement is actually the real biological daughter, who'd been swapped for a faerie changeling as an infant without anyone realizing it had happened. In a subversion of how parents usually react to this trope, her mother still wants the child she's been raising returned to her, and to hell with whether she's genetically related or not.

Hogarth 's The Blood Ladders Trilogy Morgan Locke discovers that he's the bastard son of elven royalty disguised as a human when he was a baby and dropped off in an orphanage.

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And his half-brother, the Prince, is dead and they need a replacement. The Enchantment Emporium has Joe the Leprechaun. He live in the human realm because his family wanted a mortal child "for entertainment".

At the beginning of the book, Joe is taking a portion to prevent "fading away" — also known as "being called home" — since the Human side of the trade died and the potion keeps him anchored; he really doesn't want to go back to a family that abandoned him. And the human may have died of old age. Even if that means Joe looks 30 and may be , he still has spent most of his life among people and not Leprechauns. These are apparently very common among human-folk in The Inheritance Cycle.

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  4. Thus, when Elain is having a child in Inheritance , and Eragon asks Arya the elf to assist, she does so, but is very careful not to interfere too much because people fear her intentions. Then, when the child is born with a cleft lip, Eragon is called upon to heal the child. Before he takes the child away, he consents to allow the village healer Gertrude to accompany him into the tent where he goes to heal her, as he is mindful of Arya's warnings about fear of changelings.

    He knows that her presence will reassure the villagers. Clodagh must journey into the Land of Faerie to switch them back. This is part of a more complicated plot by Mac Dara of the Fair Folk to reclaim his half-human son Cathal , who was supposed to rejoin the Fair Folk on his seventh birthday but escaped. The Queen of the Fae poses as a nurse, passing off the stolen child as a stillborn, but the mother's midwife has seen such tricks before, and gives her the knowledge and tools to confront the Queen and take her child back.

    In The Midwich Cuckoos , Gordon Zellaby suggests that the Dayout babies , who resemble neither their mothers nor their fathers nor any known race, would have been undoubtedly identified as changelings in the past, though modern science has no word for them.