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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The Tradewater River is so called because Native Americans used to come to the Big Bend of this river to trade with each other and the whites. It circles a small town called Dawson Springs on three sides on its journey to the Ohio River. There are many tall tales about the region around the Tradewater. Some, like mine, are made up. But, as with any historic place, there are bound to be ghosts.

These stories should make you shiver. Product Details About the Author. She writes and does volunteer work.

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Her other passions are reading and scrapbooking. She has one son, Will Overby, who is also an author. He writes fiction for children, young adults, and adults. When the monthly demands from municipal and industrial users were considered, the team were surprised by how little water was actually available for irrigation or the environment in regions that may appear to be water abundant at a regional and annual level.

The findings indicate that an increase in land use by Mha would be required to double food production by in order to meet the projected food demand of the world's growing population. There will also be a need to reallocate food production in water-abundant regions and reduce water intensive crops in dry areas. In addition, the findings show that retiring irrigated cropland or shifting back to rainfed cropland may be necessary to protect environmental flow requirements and meet the growing demands from other users.

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The study shows how important it is to realize that natural resources are limited. The results indicate that it could be possible to maintain both food security and environmental flow requirements by , despite the growing population and the rising impacts of climate change. Understanding how the trade-offs for sustainability and development goals play out at local context is therefore extremely important," concludes Palazzo.

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Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. The global nexus of food-trade-water sustaining environmental flows by But what if it attracts the opposite too? Some people actually want to harness that power, work with it, aim it. So what if someone aimed it at you? Or at least wanted you to think they did. It seems so improbable. I began to shake my head then remembered. Everyone ended up on our front lawn, watching the kids ride their bikes in the street. Take a break.

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Get some sleep or something. You look like hell. What else am I going to do? Go to a spin class? I waited until my entire life almost fell apart before turning my back on ghost hunting.

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So some weirdo is trying to scare me. I had coffee with her yesterday and she mentioned Voodoo. I was standing on the banks of a river. She said that there were spirits in the water, watching me and waiting for the storm to come and raise the water so they could reach me. Then three woman walked out of the woods behind me with a Voodoo doll and placed it next to me.

That she had a dream about me and a Voodoo doll? Lindsay Deardon is a very specific type of woman. One which I typically avoid like the plague. Whereas I am all mirrored behavior and self deprecation, she is deliberate and confident. I avoid awkward silences like they are an email from the PTO.

Lindsay takes a moment to think before she speaks.

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She chooses words carefully. And if passive aggression were an art form, Lindsay would be a master creator. My insomnia had been tapping me on the shoulder every night at three-thirty a. Up for the day I ran from vague but nagging fears by watching Ghost Adventures re-runs and highlighting self-help books until the sun came up.

I was half in the world, half in my scrambled brain. It was worse than having an infant. At least an infant keeps you on some sort of a schedule. This fog of exhaustion was all-encompassing. This was different.

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It felt as though something was keeping me from myself. Distracting me, running me. It was aggressive. And it was in that mental state of tired confusion that I met Lindsay. She lived in a very expensive part of town among brick mansions and storybook style estates, complete with English gardens and discreet guest homes hidden by impeccable landscaping. Huge, I mean colossal maple trees shaded the yard and the house, their leaves browned and curled at the edges. It crimped and browned their leaves making the autumn landscape a dull sepia.

Black shuttered windows watched me park my Suburban and crunch across the driveway in brand new Uggs. Re-adopting an old uniform; skinny jeans, button down, green quilted down vest, and obnoxiously cozy boots. I climbed the granite steps and rang the doorbell. Having never met Lindsay before I mistakenly assumed that this woman was her. My name came up and a terse email exchange ensued. Advice would be appreciated.

There sat the real Lindsay in a crisp white button down shirt, impossibly skinny skinny jeans, and emerald green ballet flats. She wore her long thick highlighted blond hair in perfect beach waves that needed a good tousling. A thick slab of bangs swept across her forehead.