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  1. Translation of "o vosso deus" in English
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The history of the Portuguese castles in Morocco. Thesis Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, The Agouda families and their relation with Brazil.

Translation of "o vosso deus" in English

Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian-C. I, pp. Ilen Publications Accra, Ghana Index: The origins; location of the forts and castles; number of forts and castles; the tenants; unhappy incidents; gallant governors; problems of the forts and castles; no more forts and castles; cui bono; the surviving settlements.

XXIV, , pp. Many illustrations and maps of the forts. Chronological history of the forts. Index: The place of the fort system in history; the setting of times; organization and personnel; life in the forts; relations between fort and town; types of building; materials and structure; early draughtsmen; Elmina castle: the Portuguese and later Dutch headquarters; other headquarters: Cape Coast Castle, Christiansborg, Princestown; early forts: Axim, Mouri, Cormantin, Gambia, Butre, Shama; forts about Akwida, Commenda, Dixcove, Apam, Sekondi, Beraku; forts of the late eighteenth century: Anomabu, Beyin, Keta.

Centro Studi Archeologia Africana, , Milano. A collection of several plates of European castles in Africa. Estudos Coloniaes, , Lisbon. Liberty Press, , Accra, Ghana. Index: The Portuguese period, Dutch penetration and the expulsion of the Portuguese, English Swedish and Danish penetration, growth of the English trade, the Brandenburg Company, the 18th century, the 19th century. The history of the fortress of S. Lisbon, Athlone Press, , London, United Kingdom. Casa da Moeda, , Lisbon, Portugal.

Imprensa da Universidade, , Coimbra, Portugal. South Africa:. Struik Pty.

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An account of travellers stopping at the Cape, drawing on much previously unpublished material found in log books and diaries from the Archives of Cape Town and The Hague,etc. Envy my pedigree and of ones conform the Sir, with total reading and doctoration. Not is that I be illiterate. I spelt, years and middle, midly speller, memory and palmer. I had master, Master Lucas, in the Curralinho, he memorized grammar, the operations, rule-of-three, even geography and study patria. On leaves great of paper, with caprice I traced handsome maps.

Ah, not is for to speak: but, since of the start, me they thought sophisticated of side. And that I merited of to go to course latin, in Lesson Waterlily—that too they said.

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  • Portuguese dictionary: Words & Meanings in English | • The Vore.
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    Deus, Patria e Familia (Portugal AAR, DH Full ) | Page 2 | Paradox Interactive Forums

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    Portuguese: A Linguistic Introduction

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    [Portuguese > English] 17th Century Portuguese

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