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  4. What To Watch This Weekend: Spike Lee’s Oldboy or Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy

Brolin is a decent actor who once in a while delivers a great performance like in No Country For Old Men.

Although Min-Sik also played a immature drunken-businessman, Josh Brolin plays a nasty American very well in the beginning. While his character is imprisoned , Brolin portrays how most normal people would feel if they were kidnapped and imprisoned against their own will, and he does it quite well. His stone-faced ruthless post-imprisonment Joe is quite well played as well.

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But generally speaking, Josh Brolin did a good job in his role. As I have established, this film is not a cinematic or emotional masterpiece like the original Oldboy , but it is relatively entertaining. It moves at a brisk pace, the direction is decent, the acting is pretty good, and the action is alright. Although this sounds very lukewarm, which it slightly is, I did kind of enjoy this film. I definitely think this film is better suited for American audiences who want to watch a dark thriller one weekend and have no intention of seeing the original.

So generally speaking, this movie is fairly entertaining and a good if not forgettable watch. The only thing about this movie that I am highly praising is its transfer from the setting of streets South Korea to the boulevards of New York. The screenwriter and director adapt the events and characters well into the new setting very well maki unnecessarily the story seem plausible in America.

Young Folks, Old Folks

Remakes of foreign films often suffer with this. Spike Lee is a good director. He has delivered many very powerful movies about race and some good action films as well. Sadly, this film is not really either of those. Although I do not think this movie was absolute garbage, this is not a great film. I certainly gained more of an appreciation for it after seeing the film.

This was of course not the intention of Lee and what I am saying is a very backhanded compliment of the movie but it is true. Where to begin with what is wrong with the film. Although this movie had a few decent aspects, it was completely and utterly unnecessary. It is not different enough to add anything to the original film.

It is not a disaster but in the eyes of the original film it is just incredibly inferior. It also seemed as though screenwriter, Mark Protosevich and director, Spike Lee did not also fully understand the source material they were working with. They almost made a less powerful English language rehash of the original film. It is not just a movie you see, enjoy, and forget about. It is a very memorable and emotionally exhausting movie. It is entertaining at best but it fairly forgettable and lacks the punch of the original film.

Oldboy suffers from a common problem remakes tend to feature. This problem is that the filmmakers seemingly change random aspects of the plot simply for the sake of trying to make it different or keeping some plot points exactly the same. Adversely there are a few plot aspects that are kept exactly the same. Such as in the original version of Oldboy, Oh Dae Su is given the same dumplings almost every night for 15 years.

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  • In the new Oldboy, it is exactly the same thing, dumplings and all, for Joe. I simply do not understand why it was not changed. While some of the different execution of the film works well, some of it fails miserably. One of the best scenes in the original Oldboy comes when Oh Dae-Su, equipped with only a hammer, fights through a hallway full of men trying to kill him. This scene is filmed very well and the power of it is showing how viscous and dangerous Oh Dae-Su is.

    This destroys the meaning the original had. This does not prove that Joe is a viscous and ruthless, it just proves he is pretty handy with a hammer. This movie loses traction at about the 1 hour mark. The beginning of the movie is surprisingly very good. The beginning does a good job of showing a different interpretation of the beginning of the original film by extending and adding more to it. I would later look back and even realize that was unnesacary. The first 45 minutes of the Oldboy encompass maybe 20 minutes of the original.

    Leaving that aside, after the 1 hour mark, the movie just stumbles through the rest almost rushing towards the end. That was a turn-off. The absolute worst aspect of the film comes in the form of the villain.

    Grandma's Southern Style Chicken n' Dumplings / The Grateful Girl Cooks!

    As an actor I really like Sharlto Copley. He was excellent in District 9 and The A Team. The character is incredibly hokey with a beyond awful British accent and questionable motives. Whereas Yoo Ji-tae was both incredibly menacing and at the same time very human as Lee Woo-jin, Sharlto Copley is just awkward. At some points, he is supposed to be shown as almost superhuman than he suddenly appears to be very weak. Another thing to note is that in the original film, Lee Woo-jin had very interesting motives for imprisoning Oh Dae-Su and it gives more depth to his character.

    I am usually not one to judge a film for visual effects because I find that to be a very specific criticism, but some of the special effects are so dreadful in this film that I cannot help note it. The CGI blood splatters are down right amateurish. This would be forgivable if there was only one CGI blood splatter, but instead there are around 5 to 10 blood splatters.

    Download e-book Old Folks, Young Folks, Crazy Folks, and Dumplings

    It is very distracting. Samuel L. Jackson is an excellent actor. One of the best character actors in film history in fact.

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    It is not that Samuel L. Jackson is bad in this movie it is just that it is so unnecessary. The role is so brief and random that it just did not make sense to cast a blonde mohawked and lip-piercing wearing Sam Jackson in the film.

    I highly dislike when a film uses a big actor for no reason except that they are a big actor. That is one of the only problems I had with 12 Years A Slave. That is what happens with Samuel L. Jackson in this movie, he just should not have been in it. His direction is all of the place.

    In the beginning of the movie, he moves the camera around in creative camera shots and pans then he moves to more traditional medium close-ups and mid-shots then the fly on the wall technique. It was like he forgot to take his directing medication and was doing whatever he wanted. It was an eye-brow raising aspect of the film. If you have not seen the original Oldboy and do not intend to, this movie is for you. For fans of the original film who want to make comparisons between the two films, watch away as well. Park Chan Wook is a cinematic genius.

    The direction for this movie is very unique. Although, there are many seemingly random shots from interesting angles and scenes that appear irrelevant, every shot in this movie has some meaning. The direction of the movie is noticeably great and in my own opinion this film should be shown in film school to show students what great direction looks like.

    The cinematography is also a marvel.

    What To Watch This Weekend: Spike Lee’s Oldboy or Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy

    I consider them a nuisance and keep trying to get rid of them. The other day, just as a beautiful evening sun was cutting under a bank of departing thunderclouds, Scot and Chrissie and I climbed the hill behind the main garden — the vantage point from which we can look over the upper gardens and the farmyard.

    We gasped when we got up there and gazed over our small domain.