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New Song In My Heart – Emu Music

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Close Cart. Put a new song in my heart Let me hear the praises start Dispell the night And give me light again 2. Recomendar Twitter.

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A Song in My Heart

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I said to him if there was anything that I had it was perseverance. So I suggested that we sit down and I would take my first lesson of two hours on that song. I have been continuing the lessons on it ever since. From the standpoint of a singer, I have lost thirty-three years of my life. I was told when ten years old that I could never learn to sing.

a song in (one's) heart

Singing is a very splendid part of the worship of the Latter-day Saints. The singing of our sacred hymns, written by the servants of God, has a powerful effect in converting people to the principles of the gospel and in promoting peace and spiritual growth. The Tabernacle Choir in about Let us remember the kind of songs the Lord likes, songs with the Gospel in them.

I have gone to conferences where I have heard three or four anthems, with the words of which I could not agree.

Give Me Joy In My Heart

They were sung to good music but they were not good doctrine. The more beautiful the music by which false doctrine is sung, the more dangerous it becomes. I appeal to all Latter-day Saints, and especially to our choirs, never to sing the words of a song, no matter how beautiful and inspiring the music may be, where the teachings are not in perfect accord with the truths of the gospel. I feel grateful to the Lord for the inspiration of his Spirit to so many of our people in the writing of the beautiful music that we have for our hymns.

I am confident that the hymns of Zion, when sung with the proper spirit, bring a peaceful and heavenly influence into our homes, and also aid in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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There is nothing more pleasing and inspiring than music in the home, and since I learned to sing, we generally have a hymn at our house each morning before family prayer. There certainly is a delightful influence which attends the singing of the songs of Zion, and it is my opinion that the Saints should make singing part of their family worship. Let us not forget our hymns when we go to the house of worship.

My Romance/Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most

Let the congregation sing; and by all means let the choir members become familiar with the beautiful sentiments that are contained in our hymns. I recall one incident showing how song has the power to soothe irritated feelings and bring harmony to the hearts of men who are filled with a contentious spirit.

It occurred many years ago and involved a quarrel between two old and faithful brethren whose membership dated back to the days of Nauvoo. These men had been full of integrity and devotion to the work of the Lord. They had been through many of the hardships of Nauvoo, and had suffered the drivings and persecutions of the Saints, as well as the hardships of pioneering, incident to the early settlement of the west.

These men had quarreled over some business affairs, and finally concluded that they would try to get President John Taylor to help them adjust their difficulties.