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  2. 2013 S60 T5 AWD Engine Swap – DIY Basics
  3. Troubleshooting Power Trim and Tilt Motors and Pumps

I found that the box of different o-rings for injectors from Autozone has 1 yes, just one in it that is the correct size. I used it and have not had any issue since. Mine reeked of gas after a head job by someone else. The smell never went away until I pulled the injectors and found one bad one, and when I grabbed it, it fell apart. I had none on hand and it was the weekend! I usually don't buy parts for my cars at Autozone but this time, they were the go-to and they came through.

Liked the kit as it comes with the injector filters, O-rings and replacement pintle caps the plastic bit on the end of the injector. It also comes with a screw the correct size to help extract the old filters. Their response was good when I had questions. Only thing to watch is make sure you get the correct length of injector filter.

volvo | trevientravels

There are 2 lengths and if I recall correctly, the shorties fit into injectors that use long and short, but long filters do not work in those with short filters. Also consider replacing the rubber spacer washer on the top of the injector if it has them and the lower spacer ring again if it has them.

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I bought them from FCP Euro. I recall they had OE and aftermarket. Pornpak Khunatorn via Getty Images.

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2013 S60 T5 AWD Engine Swap – DIY Basics

Any seals or anything that I must replace? Differences between P2 Volvos and P3 Volvos. Then the trans will have to be unbolted from the mount and pulled to the left and tied there in order to give enough room for the flex plate flywheel to come out of the trans bell housing far enough to come out so engine could be lifted up.

Steps for Engine Swap: 1. Drain the coolant via the drain on the back of the engine towards the belt. You do not need to drain the radiator fluid for the swap.

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Disconnect the battery. For maneuverability or cleaning purposes, you may need to remove the battery.

Troubleshooting Power Trim and Tilt Motors and Pumps

Completely remove the air cleaner housing including the fresh air hose connected to the top of the radiator and the air scoop that runs over the top of the radiator. Remove the hose connecting to the turbo. Remove the throttle hose, turbo hose, and turbo pipe between the throttle and the lower intercooler. The hard pipe connecting to the lower intercooler does not to be removed. See the rest…. I have an'04 S60 and just replaced the top mount with the polyurethane mount from IPD.