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Did anyone else get the feeling that the Night King was very prepared for the battle against Jon Snow's suicide squad? Jon's raid beyond the Wall was supposed to be a surprise, but it sure didn't feel like it. Cast your mind back to the most recent episode, Eastwatch, and the scene when Bran has warged into the ravens that are travelling beyond the Wall in a bid to spy on the Night King's activity.

'With these feet? Who'd want me?': Porridge's 10 funniest moments

During that scene, we get a glimpse at the army of the dead as they're all gathered around one specific location. Look familiar? Simply put, there's a strong chance that the Night King is a greenseer because just like the Three-Eyed Raven, he can see the future. The Night King's entire plan revolved around waiting for Daenerys and her dragons to arrive - Viserion being the target.

PDF Zombies! Episode 2.2: The Good Fight

Once Dany's dragon was within shot, game over. Is this why the Night King has been waiting for so long before heading south? Is this why we haven't seen that much of a threat from the undead since Hardhome? Do you think those wights held back from attacking Jon, Jorah, The Hound etc purely because the ice was frozen? Hell, we've seen these wights throw themselves off the edge of a cliff at Hardhome in a bid to kill.

One tiny gap of water wouldn't stop them and as we saw in the episode, even when they fell into the water, they still continued to fight. It;'s worth noting that the Night King also managed to kill a dragon from an extraordinary distance and he nearly did it again after narrowly missing Drogon. Sitting ducks, a perfect opportunity to kill.

No, the leader of the White Walkers waited until Dany and her dragons were distracted by their rescue operation before striking. Need further proof?

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The Night King even managed to warg into that wight which Jon and his men captured and held on that rock in the middle of the frozen lake. One burning question remains though. When it came to attacking a dragon, Drogon was closer to the Night King than Viserion was. Well, if Drogon was attacked, it's very likely that Jon, The Hound, Beric, Jorah etc would be forced to make a desperate last stand against the Night King.

Beric Dondarrion made an interesting observation that when a White Walker is killed, the wights they create will immediately die as well. By killing the Night King, the entire army of the dead would die also. If Drogon was killed, Jon, Dany and co would be left without an immediate 'getaway' dragon and would therefore have no other option but to stand and fight.

For the Night King, is it worth taking that risk? As Tyrion previously pointed out to Daenerys, a smart ruler doesn't get their hands dirty in combat. The Night King is incredibly smart. Also, did anyone else wonder why the White Walker generals were equipped with ice javelins and a gigantic chain to fish Viserion out of the frozen lake? Ok, it's possible that a few days had passed before Viserion was retrieved from the frozen lake - but it's far more likely that they came to that battle prepared.

In Game of Thrones, we've already seen that people with greensight can interact with Bran during his visions.

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The blood raven Max Von Sydow - the previous incarnation of the 'Three-Eyed Raven has frequently made physical contact with Bran in his visions and the Night King has already 'marked' Bran. Carlton Cuse serves as showrunner. A thirteen-episode second season, premiered on July 12, A ten-episode third season aired on August 28, A fourth and final season aired in Summer The series finale aired on September 17, Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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Yeah, you should probably get that checked. Fet : What happens when you wake up one morning with a stinger in your neck? Setrakian : If I do, your "I told you so" will be a source of great comfort before you dispatch me. Setrakian : It feeds on us, and we feed on it.

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Love is our grace. Love is our downfall. Fet : The Master used the bonds of human love as a conduit for the Strain. He tried to destroy us. But he never understood it - love. And in the end, it was love that saved us all and gave us the world, our world, back. Eph looking at a perfect replica concentration camp : This is the Master's Final Solution!

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Setrakian : If you wish to defeat this evil, you must trust me. I understand this! You do not! At every turn, everything I have said has proven to be correct.

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Is that not true? Setrakian : This is no different. Logic is not the issue here.